Workshop Lectures on Applied Mathematics & Matrix Algebra



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Further and more detailed information, including the schedule, can be found in the current course tables in the syllabus of the respective course, if the course is offered in the next sessions. The following text serves as information on what can be expected in terms of content in the course.

These intensive workshop lectures provide an opportunity for GSERM participants to learn matrix algebra and some applied mathematics skills from a broad and generalizable perspective. The lectures are designed to serve both as an introduction for participants who are new to this material and also as a refresher for those previously exposed to it. The goal is for participants to possess a sufficient level of understanding of these topics so that they can adequately comprehend, and then successfully apply, them in subsequent GSERM courses. In addition to the Lectures, several handouts, problem sets, and solution keys will be provided (via email) to enhance the learning process and provide for self-evaluation opportunities. Proficiency in basic mathematics (e.g., rudimentary algebra) is assumed.